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“Steve Shirley Shark Tagger”: An Official Selection in Four Film Festivals

“Steve Shirley Shark Tagger” is a short documentary independently financed and produced by Kristin Sherman Ølnes. It’s been screened in big screen theaters, in a shark exhibit at Six Flags Marine World, in local nature centers, aquariums, and at a City park festival in Berkeley, California.

“Steve Shirley Shark Tagger” is about a man who was once a sport fisherman who became a shark conservationist when he noticed their numbers were dropping.  Steve taught himself how to set up a ten year shark study of Leopard Sharks and Sevengill sharks in the San Francisco Bay.  His study is in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and information from it is submitted to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

If you are interested in using my eleven minute film for an educational event about sharks, let me know.  I’m happy to share it.  The more people that people understand the role that sharks play in our oceans, the more they’ll realize how critical it is to protect them!

Contact for more information.

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