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Six Reasons for Self-Directed Learning

Do you know what I mean by a self-directed learner or what I call an SDL?

It’s someone who explores a subject on their own:  either reading about it in books, magazines or on-line text; listening to audio podcasts or the radio; watching video tutorials; taking a class; attending a lecture or a speech; via a hands-on experience; or just by hangin’ out with a mentor.

And so the name of my vlog:  Intrinsic_Lifestyle is about SDLs.

Nothing but the real me and a cross-culture of people and subject matter.

In time, a collection which amounts to a social study, from 2013 on.

At Intrinsic_Lifestyle, self-directed learning, “SDL,” is my schtick for the following reasons:

Present positive aspects of a diverse humanity.
Interpret ‘on-your-own’ learning in short docs and photographs.
Demonstrate that an engaged learner learns faster.
Show people going outside of their ‘learning style’ because they care about their subject.
People become competent in their subject.  Hobbies turn into careers.
People who’re self-directed learners contribute to society in a meaningful, personal way.
Right?  Give me a shout if you know an SDL or if you are one.

3 Responses to “Six Reasons for Self-Directed Learning”

    • Kristin

      Well Erika, I know both you and your children already know what I’m talking about. You’re always engaged in a good way and so are they;-)

  1. artisticmilestones

    I agree with everything you said. SDL works very well for my daughter.


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