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Objectives of a documentary filmmaker

The blog, Intrinsic Lifestyle Productions, currently, (this could change under the Trump administration), has the right to write pretty much anything and share it with the world.

Freedom of speech! Hell yes!

I’d like take this opportunity to share a reflection.

Here goes:

As an independent female documentary filmmaker, I’m an educator of sorts. Through the use of sounds and images in digital film, I facilitate a person’s learning by appealing to their visual as well as auditory perception. In my humble and (admittedly) inexperienced opinion, the tricky part about documentary filmmaking is telling a great story without being gruesome, pedantic or sappy—and enabling viewers to reach their own conclusions. At least that’s important in my filmmaking. One final note. I think it’s good to know what you want an audience to leave your film thinking, stated in five words or less. (This last concept comes from an exhibit design class for museums at John F. Kennedy University. Who knew that making a film and planning an exhibit have a lot of things in common? But that’s a topic for another post.)





2 Responses to “Objectives of a documentary filmmaker”

  1. patricia

    Yes–allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions! It’s the same with challenge with essay-writing. It’s easy to tell people what to think, but much more interesting–and challenging–to tell a story that leaves space for their own thoughts. I’m so excited to see your final project. Eventually. :)

    • Kristin

      I’m working hard on my film about Sound Designer Richard Beggs! Thank you for commenting. As an accomplished and published writer, you speak with authority on the topic of storytelling.


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