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A Documentarian/Educator’s Role

In my opinion, an educator’s role is to gather resources and to present them in a way that is based on the interests and the learning styles of students (or children in your home if you’re homeschooling).

I also believe that it’s better for an educator to facilitate learning rather than to teach. A facilitator is more like being a cheerleader, once you’ve provided information. A teacher ‘talks at’ rather than ‘with’ their students. It’s a hierarchal approach and undiplomatic.

As a documentary filmmaker, I’m an educator of sorts. My medium of digital film appeals to visual as well as auditory learners. As I see it, the tricky part is enabling viewers to come to their own conclusions about the content rather than being pedantic about it.




2 Responses to “A Documentarian/Educator’s Role”

  1. patricia

    Yes–allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions! It’s the same with challenge with essay-writing. It’s easy to tell people what to think, but much more interesting–and challenging–to tell a story that leaves space for their own thoughts. I’m so excited to see your final project. Eventually. :)

    • Kristin

      I’m working hard on my film about Sound Designer Richard Beggs! Thank you for commenting. As an accomplished and published writer, you speak with authority on the topic of storytelling.


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