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Interpreting the Learning in “Pig the Dog”

The Corus Steelworks in Redcar, River Tees, Wikimedia Commons

From Maxy Neil Bianco’s Vimeo site:  “”Pig the Dog” is a glimpse into the life of a strange young lad called Del, who haunts the desolate hinterlands of his home town with his pet dog, Pig, spending days drifting and hunting a rare delicacy that thrives in this most unlikely of locations.”

Don’t be mislead like I was when you watch the short movie, “Pig the Dog.”  I thought it was a Documentary, but Maxi Neil Bianco messaged me from his Vimeo account:

Del the boy in my film is actor, Chance Marshal. Lots of people think its a doc, I think because my other films are all docs.”

In a later note, Bianco identified it as a Docudrama. Even though the subject in “Pig the Dog” is fictional, for the sake of analyzing examples of alternative learning, let’s consider the knowledge the main character, Del, has acquired from his intense interest in nature.

Watch the film.  Read my thoughts.  And please share yours.  In one of my first posts, when I described my perception of the learning in an advertisement; people added exceptional feedback and I look forward to more.

Written & Directed : Maxy Neil Bianco Produced : Maxy Neil Bianco, Michael Smith Del: Chance Marshall Pig: Coco The Dog Original music: Mark Hand Chef :Martin Blunos Executive Producer: Roxy Bramley, Agnes Wilkie Grade: Sue Giovannie Sound: Fonic Camera op: Lee Charnley Boom: Andy Harrison

Qualitative analysis of the ‘learning’

Through Del’s analytic and reasoning skills, he identifies a paradox in a wetland area.  Nature is alive and thriving amidst industry.

He realizes that profit may be had from man’s exploitation of earth’s resources.  And he too is part of it, in a more simple, albeit a ‘greener’ way.  Dell lives “off of the beach or in the fields” as his Grandfather once advised.

Ultimately, his survival depends on nature’s bounty because he developed his own business collecting and selling truffles.

As with all learning, one interest leads Dell to the next.  Many common names of animal species are identified by Del.

He observes animal behaviors and notes their interrelationships.

His understanding of the habitat the animals inhabit helps he and his dog locate truffles, ironically in the shadows of the chemical plants and refineries nearby.

He lives in a working class area in Great Britain where his neighborhood is seemingly devoid of nature. But in his bedroom, he’s in his museum, a collection of curiosities of living and non-living natural objects he studies, classifies and displays like an exhibit.

With the camera below-eye-level and behind him, he kneels before his altar of shorebird eggs.  Though it seems as if he is in prayer, he’s actually working.  While he bags mushroom delicacies, he hand-draws a logo of his own design.

His hawk observes him while he does so.  Through the close-ups of the hawk’s eyes, we may infer that his observational skills are acute as the bird’s!

The dog, Pig, is Del’s best friend, and without him, there would be no cash crop.  Del, being a ‘hands-on’ kinesthetic learner, sought resources to learn animal behavior training skills not only for his dog, but for his pet hawk.

I’ve seen it in real life.  Sometimes people’s passion turns into a career.  Del has branded himself and he markets his truffles to a highfalutin restaurant clientele.

 What else do you presume about Del?

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