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Parenting in Action

Intrinsic Parenting and Play

(Source: myfotolog, via prepfection)

Parenting and learning in action.

At times far more effective than words, an adult’s body language helps a child develop intelligence.

Instead of saying “good job,” the mother reaches for her tiny fingers, slightly presses her forehead to the little girl’s and gives her a pretend smooch.

The action is simple, but it communicates her tenderness and support effectively.

Qualitative Analysis of Learning

The girl who willingly offers her little hands to be grasped by her Mom is using “Intrapersonal Intelligence” which according to Howard Gardner is:  “An ability to recognize and understand his or her own moods, desires, motivations, and intentions.”  In other words, she needed to check in with her Mom for approval.

Whereas the Mom is engaging in “Interpersonal Intelligence” which Gardner says provides:  “An ability to recognize and understand other people’s moods, desires, motivations and intentions.”  The Mom knows what the child’s needs are in that moment intuitively modeling “Emotional Intelligence” to her.

Because of the child’s attire, we may assume she has been play-acting, a “Kinesthetic Intelligence” Gardner coined which entails using the body to make and create things.  The child’s “down-time,” was made possible by the parent, in effect, the mother is supporting her child’s “developmental,” interests, a term coined by Jean Piaget.

Check out my Pinterest page and when you do, look for a Board on the top titled “Ideal Education.”  I plan to use the images in that category for quickie posts interpreting intrinsic learning.

Ironically, the photo above is an advertisement.  For educational and not-for-profit reasons, I pretended the photo was a real-life Mom and her little girl unconsciously using a few of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, of which I’ve borrowed to interpret the content in the photograph.

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