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“Steve Shirley Shark Tagger”

The people I write and make videos about in the San Francisco Bay Area have an Intrinsic Lifestyle

I used a Sony RX10 to videotape and photograph a shark-tagging expedition with Steve Shirley in the SF Bay, November 2013.

Well, that’s the name of my WordPress blog, where people I feature engage in self-directed learning, including myself.  
Next, is Steve Shirley’s shark tagging tale.  Here is my ‘Treatment’ of my upcoming HD Video about Steve.

“Steve Shirley:  Shark Tagger”

All his life, Steve loved fishing and being near water.  Hunting for the ‘big monsters’ in the San Francisco Bay landed him a 440 lb Broadnose Sevengill Shark, the largest ever caught.

But something changed.  Steve realized if he wanted sharks left to fish for, he better protect them.  Steve created a non-profit, Ocean Research Foundation.  Using his knowledge as an expert Shark Fisherman, Steve mentors volunteers on his boat to bait, catch, tag, record data and release sharks for his conservation study, in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Steve hopes his data will influence the CA Department of Fish and Game to regulate Seven Gills and Leopard Sharks fishing in the SF Bay.

Well, that’s what my next Intrinsic Lifestyle Production is about.  
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8 Responses to ““Steve Shirley Shark Tagger””

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  2. nlharty

    Kristin, great topic! Yes, I would love to watch how he goes about tagging and documenting these fascinating creatures:)

    • Kristin

      Oh, I’m so glad to hear that you are interested. It’s an unusual but interesting passion that Steve has.

  3. lumar1298

    I pay for cable and during the entire week, I only watch two programs… Perhaps, I should save that money… Take care and thanks for sharing… Lor

  4. patricia

    Just the idea of tagging sharks sounds crazy to me. I’m curious to see how he does it. I’m also wondering just how big these sharks are. Looking forward to the video!


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