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Current Documentary: A film about Richard Beggs


I’ve been in production on a documentary about Richard Beggs for over a year now.

Richard Beggs is a self-taught Academy Award winning Post Production Sound Design/Mixer, mostly for Hollywood films.  It’s been a fabulous process for me to discover how Richard arrived at and continues to thrive at his profession.

I have learned so much about how to mix dialogue, music, effects and ambience.  It took me a year before I understood enough to contact and interview other Sound Mixing experts for my film including:  Walter Murch, Randy Thom, Gary Rydstrom, Lora Hirschberg, Skip Lievsay and Roy Waldsperger.

My documentary is primarily aimed at filmmakers and film schools, both on-line and institutional.  Film buffs will enjoy it too, as Sound Mixing for film is a fascinating and yet under-explored topic.  (Feel free to contact me in advance if you are interested in using it for educational purposes once it is completed.)

Follow my blog Intrinsic Lifestyle for posts about my process.  Next I’ll be going to New York City for a couple of major interviews!


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