follow your interest to success

Intrinsic Lifestyle Productions

Intrinsic Lifestyle Productions produces entertaining biographical documentaries about autodidacts in the San Francisco Bay Area who’ve followed an interest to success.

12 Responses to “Intrinsic Lifestyle Productions”

    • Kristin

      Well I do too Patricia. I like the sounds in the word “Intrinsic” and what it represents. I enjoy seeing people of all ages engaged with something meaningful in their life, which is why I am following your blog and would hope that you would follow mine too.

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  1. Kristin

    Hi Laurenjamie,

    I am so glad that you find the topic appealing. What’s weird is that I am just as curious as you are about what this will develop into.

    Thank you for leaving a comment. And btw, I am enjoying your new blog.

    • Kristin

      Hi Erika,

      Thanks for leaving a reply. Feel free to elaborate as much or as little as you desire in the future.

      Everyone’s feed back is totally appreciated and welcome here.

      The comment area of Intrinsic is where we will probe the content of the posts together.

      I’d like to create a community of people interested in discussing culture and self-directed learning.

  2. patricia

    Kristin, self-directed learning is one of *my* greatest passions. What a neat topic for a blog! I am so excited to read more.

    • Kristin

      Hi Tricia,

      I’m glad you like the topic.

      Who doesn’t like special interest stories about unique individuals?

      But the other part that I know you’ll be interested in, and I hope others will be too is: what kinds of learning take place when a person delves into an interest on their own? Over time, it will be interesting to compare learning styles and methodologies.

      Although I’m not a social scientist, I view this project as a kind of ethnological study of alternative learning styles among people of various ethnic backgrounds in the Bay Area. What a lot of verbiage, eh?

      Being a Sherman, I can talk; but now I have to get started! And I’ve picked a busy time of year to begin. I have equipment to purchase and new technology to learn. I plan to start simple by interviewing people I know, and later adding more video and other mixed media to craft my posts.

      This blog and its content is *my* self-directed passionate hobby. Readers will witness the curve of my learning. And I will have the challenge, as all people who create things have, of fitting it in. It will have to take place between homeschooling, urban farming, care giving, cooking and housework. Things may be grubby at first, but in the end, I hope to have a clean body of work.

  3. Kristin

    Oh my goodness Catherine and Anita, you’re here!

    I was wondering if anyone noticed and you both did! Thank you.

    Catherine meet Anita.

    Two clever women (that’s a board of mine on Pinterest) I consider you both exquisite writers and accomplished readers.

    Thank you for dropping in and please “follow” for more posts.

    I’m inventing this as I go and hope you’ll join me on my quest to profile individuals passionate about learning.


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