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Get your Fall Mood on Braiding Garlic

In this funny short doc, our daughter’s emotive ‘self-ie’ pictures cutaway from her instructions for braiding garlic.

Why did she braid our garlic?
My hubby, Mr. Green Jeans, grew at least a hundred bulbs and a garlic braid is an efficient way of drying them.Another reason is that it’s more accessible that way.  When I’m cooking and a recipe calls for garlic, I reach up to a strand hanging above our kitchen island and snip off a bulb with my scissors.There is also the reason that garlic (strands) ward away vampires.

But the main reason is that garlic braids look cool and they help us get our fall groove on.



Intrinsic Lifestyle features self-directed learners in short documentaries and photo stories.

It’s fascinating how people with a passion for some *thing* learn in places other than school.

9 Responses to “Get your Fall Mood on Braiding Garlic”

    • Kristin

      Hi Kay,

      I haven’t researched the history of braiding garlic. We braided it because my hubby grew at least a hundred bulbs and it’s an efficient way of drying and accessing them. And they are hanging from pegs around our kitchen to ward away vampires. They look cool!

    • Kristin

      Hi Again Kay,

      I thought I’d let you know that your comment made me think to add a bit more written content in my post about why we braid garlic. Thanks for the idea!

      • wewerenothing

        You did the same for me with the art presentations. Wonderful how we help each other see and present. I look forward to hearing more about this braiding thing.

  1. Jennifer Briffa

    Fun to learn something new everyday. Love to be taught by a former student of mine. I used to make lots of faces for the camera when I was young and I can relate to her. Music was cool. Maybe try one with just her doing the actions and the music going in the background.

    • Kristin

      Hey Jenny,

      It is funny that one of your students is now old enough to tell you what to do (lol).

      Thanks for your feedback about the visuals. I have so many ‘selfie pics’ that my daughter took in my photo library I thought I’d try to use them in this film as reaction shots to what our daughter was explaining. I like how it came out, but I also think that a short montage of just those selfie shots is a great idea. Thank you for your input. I know you are a film buff and I respect your opinion.

  2. artisticmilestone

    So that’s how you braid garlic. Hey, that can be made into a Halloween Garlic wreath :)


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