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A Video Portrait of Patrice, an Art Educator

Watch my short documentary about Patrice, an Art Educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, who skillfully blends art education with her family life.  Kids learn effortlessly in her classes because they are totally engaged with what they are doing and happy while they are at it.

Normally, an entire crew is utilized to make a movie, but I do all of it myself.  I’m very proud at how much technology I’ve learned since December 2013.   I made this digital movie on my iPhone5 and edited it in iMovie.  You may share it, but give me credit.

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16 Responses to “A Video Portrait of Patrice, an Art Educator”

  1. nlharty

    This was great stuff Kristin! I really enjoyed looking at all of the fantastic artwork from the kids. Patrice is making the world a better place!!

    I couldn’t hear the video too well….had the volume all the way up and I struggled to hear the words, but then I am a visual person so I still understood it all:)

    • Kristin

      Well I’m glad you liked my visuals of the children’s art, Nlharty, but what Patrice is saying is way too important not to hear. I’m curious: what device are you viewing my video from? (I can hear it just fine from my Mac OS X and iPhone5), but I need to look into this. Thank you letting me know that.

      • nlharty

        I have a 27″ iMac. I had my head as close to the screen as I could get and still be able to watch. LOL I’ve not had this issue with your others videos.

        • Kristin

          (Thanks again for alerting me to the low audio levels on your end.)

          I’ve re-edited the audio and it should be fine now.

          As an artist yourself, I think you’ll be impressed and enjoy my story about Patrice very much. Though my visuals are engaging, what she has to say is important.

          • nlharty

            Hi Kristin, I had a chance to watch it again. The volume was perfect and I learned more than the last time! Sure wish we had a Patrice around on the east coast!!

            Thanks again for sharing:)

  2. Beauty Along the Road

    It was great fun to watch the kids be into their art projects and to hear Patrice make her important points about what it means to the kids and what they are learning in the process.

  3. LIz

    Hi Kristen,
    Really enjoyed the video. How lucky you are to have your own in-house musician! I liked the way you integrated Patrice’s pictures with the rest of the footage from the studio. And all the art is really wonderful too.

  4. patricia

    This is fantastic, Kristin! Your profiles just keep getting better and better! You did such a great job of capturing who Patrice is, and all she has to offer. *I* want to take a class with her! (Can’t we do a Mom’s Night Out in her studio? Wouldn’t that be amazing?)

    Keep going with these profiles. They are wonderful, and I can tell you’re in your element!

    • Kristin

      Grazie Tricia,

      I’m really enjoying editing.

      Next up, I’m going to take a Final Cut Pro X class at BAVC.

      I’m going to learn an industry standard editing program that your son already knows! Lucky him.

      Love, love, love, your enthusiasm and the fact that you shared my video to all your cool Twitter friends.

  5. AMR

    Loved the editing, Kristin. Patrice is so inspiring as an artist and educator. Great! The pacing was fast and it kept me very engaged but was not distracting. Very nice fit.

    • Kristin

      Hi Anita,

      I appreciate your positive and constructive feedback! The editing on this one was really fun to do. I had a lot of footage to work with which gave me ample cutaway options to use during Patrice’s commentary.


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