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The Raw Food Guy

He’s passionate about raw food.

Who is the raw food guy?  How does he use raw food to control his ADD, anxiety and depression?  Watch my short video documentary and find out why he claims to be the most satisfied he’s ever been.

Miguel recommends the following books:

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Robert S. Morse

The China Study, T. Colin Campbell

The 80/10/10 Diet, Douglas N. Graham

Breaking The Food Seduction, Neal D. Barnard

Spiritual Nutrition, Gabriel Cousens

“Coconut Almond Yogurt is AWESOME! I’ve been making this a lot, in fact, I just had a fruit smoothie with some of my homemade yogurt in it.

Here’s the recipe for coconut almond yogurt that I use:

The exact proportions are not that important. Basically….

-Soak Almonds (12-24 hours)
-Coconut Meat
-Coconut Water

Here is what I generally do: fill a 32oz jar about halfway with almonds, soak them which should just about fill the jar. This ends up being approximately 3-4 cups of soaked almonds, the meat of 2 coconuts, and the water of 1 1/2 – 2 coconuts.

It doesn’t really matter, you can even do all coconut meat or all almonds. Experiment a few times and figure out how you like it.  Add the coconut water a little bit at a time until you get the right consistency. I add enough so it blends smooth and creamy.

Keep in mind, as it cultures, it will thicken up. Mine is usually a little runny like a smoothie after I blend it and then it thickens to a nice yogurt consistency. As far as the probiotics go, I’ve only tried using NCP (the probiotic blend that’s recommended in the video link above for the recipe).

The trick with the probiotics is that after you make one batch (using a couple scoops) you can use it as a starter and keep it going without using more probiotics. I’ve been doing this and it works great. I just add a couple spoonfuls of my last batch into the new one and blend it up.

I leave it on the counter covered with a cheeseclot which allows it to breathe. I typically let it sit and culture for 6-8 hours. Taste it right after you blend it and then taste it after about 4 hours, then continue to taste it every couple hours. You want it to have a noticeable bite, and it should be clearly different from how it tasted at the beginning.

When its done, put it in the fridge in a sealed container.  It should last a week.  I encourage you to try it, and after a couple batches you’ll definitely have it down!”

-Miguel C. Henderson

He's passionate about raw food.

11 Responses to “The Raw Food Guy”

  1. patricia

    I loved the film, Kristin! It’s really neat to see Miguel’s passion for this, and to see how much he’s educated himself about his diet. (Especially since we’ve watched him grow up!)

    The gorgeous colors of the produce stand out in the film, and make me crave fruits and veggies. He’s shopping at *my* farmer’s market!

    Loved the locales in this film. Your editing seems to get more sophisticated with each project. I really enjoyed watching this. Thank you for putting the time into it!

    • Kristin

      Hi Tricia,

      You have no idea how nice it is to get feedback on this short doc. I put a lot of time into it and it’s nice to hear those details you mentioned about what works in the piece.

      Now all I can ask is: share it!

    • Kristin

      P.S. The Temescal Farmers’ Market rocks, especially the vendors who granted me permission to make this movie in their booth! The people there are beautiful and the food is supreme.

    • Kristin

      Yeah nlharty,

      Dig it out. It’s the easiest way to get more fruits and veggies in our diet!

      Thanks for visiting/watching and especially for commenting.

  2. Jennifer P Briffa

    So fun to see another one of our babies doing something so cool and so healthy and smart for himself and the world. You did a great job of capturing his mission.

    • Kristin

      Hey Jenny,

      Thanks for dropping in and watching my short documentary about Miguel!

      If you like it. Share it!

      His story is compelling. He was forced at such a young age to become more aware of his body due to his health issues. He’s a “canary in a coal mine” because his mind and body are sensitive to the sometimes toxic environment we live in. I think it’s fascinating how he self-discovered and intuited a way of eating that makes him feel better than he ever has before.


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