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Jenny’s Passion for Fiber Arts

For over sixteen years, I’ve respected Jenny’s artistic ability with fibers.  I selected her as my second profile at Intrinsic because fiber arts are both her addiction and her legacy.

 1st digital short documentary made on my iPhone5 and edited by Kristin Sherman Olnes

Music "inspiration [bass (refresh)]" by OSØ

Jenny enjoys teaching felting classes at Piedmont Yarn and Apparel in Oakland, CA

11 Responses to “Jenny’s Passion for Fiber Arts”

  1. Mary pat

    Excellent. As a fellow knitter and spinner it is very relaxing and satisfying. The sad thing for me is that I haven’t spon for a while now. Jenny has inspired me to dust off the spinning wheels and get back to spinning and knitting.

    • Kristin

      Mary pat,

      I’m very happy you visited!

      What’s even better is that this post has inspired you to pursue your fiber art interest again, which is more than I could hope for.

      Feed your creative side.

      –And please get someone to take a photo of you spinning, email it to me and I will share it here.

      Come back for more!

  2. patricia

    I watched this video last week and loved it. (I’ve been so busy since then trying to tackle my exploding inbox after my trip that I didn’t find the time to comment.) It was so neat to see our friend Jenny talking about the work she loves, and watching her hands working. She is such a peaceful knitter–it always looks like what she should be doing! And that needle felting machine is crazy–I didn’t know such a thing existed!

    I enjoyed seeing this collaboration between two of my favorite people.

    • Kristin

      –Glad you liked it, Tricia, and thanks for dropping me a line 🌻.

      It’s so much more fun to do all of this when I hear from people.

      It was very enjoyable to make this video featuring Jenny. She was articulate and comfortable in front of the camera. I learned new things about her crafts and about her that I never knew–even after sixteen years of friendship!

      There is something lovely about being told a story (at any age) by a good story teller, and Jenny’s tale had me smitten as a kitten.

    • Kristin

      No. Thank you Jenny! When I got home and uploaded the footage, I couldn’t believe how great it was. You made it so easy for me because you were so comfortable in front of the camera. I really enjoyed digitally videotaping your personal story. I’m glad you shared it with me and the 🌎 and that I had the chance to 🎥 your fiber art obsession and legacy⭐.

      Sent from my iPhone


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