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How to submit a photo to Intrinsic Lifestyle: a blog about self-directed learners


Why am I sharing this photo?  It’s an example of me doing some *thing* I  figured out on my own.

My blog Intrinsic Lifestyle is about self-directed learners.

Now I’m looking for photographs of YOU doing some *thing* that you’re interested in.

Send me a picture.  Share a photo of a person doing an activity they’re passionate about.

I’ll blog about it and give you credit for your photo and for your contribution.


  • Attach your photo in an email and send it to
  • (Optional) include a short description about the photo and what the person is doing in it;
  • If you’re really motivated describe what you think they have learned as a result of doing their activity.  What have they taught their-self?  Who did they seek out to help them?  Did they take a class, read a book, use on-line resources, a mentor?
  • Include your blog link.


Images of a person of any age, race, or gender who is doing a project or an activity on their own accord–not because a parent or a teacher told them to do it, but because they are inherently interested in the subject.  Examples include:  painting, swimming, playing an instrument, cooking, doing a crossword puzzle, gardening, etc.


  • Any images that are sexual.
  • Any images depicting use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Any images promoting war or weaponry.
  • I reserve the right, without explanation, to refuse posting of any image that I deem inappropriate.


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