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Musing Aloud 1

Lake Tahoe at dawn January 2013

Intrinsic” is my own self-directed learning project and I promised to share my learning experience related to it.

“Musing Aloud” posts feature a video sneak-preview of a profile I’m at work on.

It’s five degrees farenheit in North Lake Tahoe and I’m sitting in bed at a has been hotel with a partial view of the lake and majestic snow-capped mountains in the distance.

I’m drinking a beverage that’s supposedly coffee and trying to upload my first test video I took of myself (play it above) using my new iPhone 5 that I got for my forty-sixth birthday.  The High Definition video camera on the phone; its ability to take great photos; as well its practical phone, GPS, and internet connection will serve me well.  In my mind’s eye, I am now a Producer, a Writer, as well an Interpretive Specialist.  Sounds like bullshit, but this reframing feels as good as dressing up, and I figure if I’m doing those things, that’s what I am.

Although I would prefer having someone teach me how to use my new technology while I write it down (my favorite way to learn), I don’t have that option.  I’m on my own.  My progress has been slow, however, when I managed to troubleshoot why my video wouldn’t play after hours of reading, I felt empowered!

When something on my WordPress blog isn’t working correctly, I perceive it as a challenge and part of a process.  I’ve had to change my attitude about reading tutorials too.  There is no other way to figure out my questions about my custom domain, a program I’m using called VideoPress, and the features related to this custom theme “Watson” without reading tutorials.

If you’ve signed up to follow my progress here, I’m giving you a big virtual hug and a “mean-it” thank you!  BTW, what’s your passion these days? 

2 Responses to “Musing Aloud 1”

  1. patricia

    Love the video, Kristin! You manage to be calm and clear when you ruminate aloud, which is something I could never pull off! Congrats on all the self-teaching too. Nothing makes you feel like you’ve conquered all like mastering technology when you are in your 40s! My college kid has asked me to design his website, and I consider that the ultimate compliment. We’re keeping our synapses firing, sister!

    Looking forward to following this new project.

    • Kristin

      Hi Tricia,

      I’m happy you left a comment and glad you liked the video. My son, who also liked it, found it amusing to copy the way I was looking around the forest like a talking bobble-head; he sure had me laughing at myself. Now every time I talk seriously to him, he does that wandering head movement to mock me, and make me laugh again. I think I need to relax a bit more and not take myself so seriously.

      I’m ready to hire someone to help me with my website. I’d rather be working on content for my blog than web design, but your persistence has paid off and is notable. All this new technology is working my brain muscle and like exercise, it feels good.


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